Ableton Live Suite 11 v.11.3.20 U2B [En]

Live is fast and flexible music creation and performance software. It includes effects, instruments, sounds and all sorts of creative features – everything you need to create any kind of music. Create in a traditional linear layout or improvise without timeline restrictions in Live Session View. Move freely between musical elements and play with ideas without stopping the music or disrupting your flow.

Ableton Live allows you to easily create, produce, and perform music in one intuitive interface. Live syncs everything and works in real-time, so you can play and change your musical ideas without interrupting the creative process. But Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique notebook for improvising, playing, and performing with musical ideas, without time limits. 

Freely and independently start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops – everything stays in sync. Almost everything in Live works in real-time—add, reorder, or remove devices, play with Live’s flexible track routing, and more—all without interrupting your creative flow. 

Create bolder sounds with new Live devices. Stay in the flow with tons of workflow improvements. Get even further away from your computer with Push. Create your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

Features of Ableton Live 11:

  • MIDI Transformations for intricate variations in MIDI clips.
  • MIDI Generators to effortlessly create melodies, chords, and rhythms.
  • Max for Live MIDI Tools for experimentation and customization.
  • Improved MIDI editing capabilities for note arrangement and velocity shaping.
  • Keys and Scales functionality for guided musical creativity.
  • Expanded probability for added unpredictability in compositions.
  • Exploration of different tunings beyond the 12-tone system.
  • Meld, a bi-timbral, MPE-capable instrument for deep sound shaping.
  • Granulator III with MPE capabilities for granular sound manipulation.
  • Roar, a coloring and saturation effect for versatile sound enhancement.
  • New modulation behavior for continuous real-time control.
  • Exciting new Packs like Lost and Found and Performance Pack for innovative sounds and performance enhancements.
  • Stacked Detail Views and View styling for a cleaner and more focused workspace.
  • Mixer improvements for accurate mixing decisions.
  • Browser enhancements including tagging, filtered searches, and sound similarity search.
  • Browser History for easy retracing of search steps.
  • Accessibility and navigation improvements for ease of use.
  • New Themes for personalized aesthetics and workflow customization.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Version: v11
  • Developer: Ableton
  • Bit depth: 64bit
  • Interface language: Multilingual
  • Windows 10 (version 22H2) or Windows 11 (version 22H2 or higher)
  • 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor or AMD Ryzen processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1366×768 display resolution
  • Size: 3.43 GB

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