Acustica Audio Aero

Aero is a set of plugins consisting of two FREE players, Aero Stomp and Aero Amp. They represent a new innovative project from Acustica, aimed at the world of professional sound design and guitar. This is our first set of Acqua plugins to use our revolutionary AI-powered Terra technology.

The plugins are designed to go beyond current market standards, featuring emulations created through painstaking, state-of-the-art sampling that is not “pre-packaged” and sounds warm and lively.

Features of Aero

  • First Acqua plugins utilizing Terra technology
  • Emulations crafted through advanced sampling techniques
  • Aero Stomp: A FREE player focused on pedal emulation
  • American tone stack model
  • Emulations of real hardware distortion, overdrive, boost, and fuzz pedals
  • Aero Amp: A FREE player focused on amp and cabinet emulation
  • Four head emulations based on a classic American amp model
  • Five pre-selected microphone-matched cabinet emulations, capturing the essence of 50s and 60s guitar tones

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 2023
  • Developer: Acustica Audio
  • Format: VST, VST3, AAX
  • Bit depth: 64-bit
  • System requirements: Windows 10+
  • Download Size: 152.2 MB

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