Acustica Audio Bundle (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) VST, VST3, AAX x64

Acustica Audio Bundle (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) VST, VST3, AAX x64

The world’s most advanced analog sampled plugins for mixing and mastering and more

✔️Add. information:
This distribution was created from Acustica Audio Plugins + Framework

✔️ Contents
Aero Stomp – FREE player focused on Pedals and Tonestacks
Aero Amp – FREE player focused on Amps and Cabinets
Amber 3
Amber3 EQ – Equalizer standalone module
Amber3 Stereo EQ – Stereo Equalizer standalone module
Amber3 Comp – Compressor standalone module
Amber3 Pre – Preamps standalone module
Amber3 – Channel strip
Amethyst 4
Amethyst4 Pre – 3 different switchable preamp banks (Line-Mic-Custom)
Amethyst4 EQ – The EQ’s circuitry is based on a famous British design
Amethyst4 Comp – Equipped with an excellent compressor
Amethyst4 – Channel strip
Aquamarine 5
Aquamarine5 – Standalone Mastering discrete/optical compressor
Aquamarine5 EQ – Standalone Vintage Passive Equalizer
Arctic – FREE compressor, a limiter and distortion
Ash – Brickwall limiter
Fire the Ash – combines workflow of Fire The Clip with the powerful features of ASH
Ash Ultra – New plugin represents the cutting-edge in clipping
Azure 2 – Passive Mastering Equalizer
Big Ceil – Channel strip
Black Bundle
Black – FREE player, includes a default emulation bank (‘Navy Geranium’)
Black ‘Guru’ – FREE player, advanced ‘extra’ version, featuring additional fine-tuning controls with emulation bank (‘Navy Geranium’)
Blond EQ – 2 switchable 4-Band Equalizers
Blond Pre Mixer – 5 switchable Equalizers, 18 Line preamps sampled from a 1958 tube unit
Blond Pre – Includes all preamp models plus 2 extra line pre’s from Blond EQ B
Blond Comp – 5 different dynamics processors
Brown EQ – 3 switchable Equalizers
Brown Comp – An all-tube compressor initially made for the US Army in the ’40s and ’50s
Brown Pre – 24 Line Preamps, 24 Mic Preamps, and 12 Custom Preamps
Brown – Channel strip
Camel – Channel strip B-2882
Camel EQ B-785 – 2 switchable 4-Band Equalizers
Camel Comp B-656 – 3 switchable Compressors and 2 Limiter
Camel Pre B-1441 – 15 Line Preamps, 16 Mic Preamps and 4 Custom Preamps
Cerise – FREE British transformer-based channel strip
Cobalt 2
Cobalt 2 EQ – LM 9736 Equalizer
Cobalt 2 Comp – LM 9804 Compressor
Cobalt 2 Dyn EQ – Dynamic Equalizer
Cobalt 2 Pre – LXM96 Preamp
Coffee – Channel strip
Coffee EQ – 2 switchable 4-Band Equalizers
Coffee Pre – 3 switchable preamp groups for a total of 31 preamps emulations
Coffee Comp – 4 switchable compressors, Limiter and a tube preamp emulation
Coffee The Pun – FREE plugin, 2-band equalizer combining a passive bass equalizer, an active treble section, and a germanium-based preamp
Cola 2
Cola 2 – Channel strip
Cola 2 Comp – C-505 Compressor
Cola 2 EQ415 – C-415 Pre
Cola 2 EQ228 – C-228 Equalizer
Cola 2 EQ1671 – C -1671 Equalizer
Coral 2
Coral 2 – Channel strip
Coral 2 EQ – Wideband Mastering EQ
Coral 2 Comp – Mastering compressor
Coral 2 Pre – High resolution mastering transformer
Coral 2 EF – Elliptical filter
Coral 2 Bax MS – Baxter M/S EQ
Coral Baxter – FREE plugin, classic Baxandall shelving curves from the 1950s
Diamond 3 – Luca Pretolesi’s color EQ-3
Diamond Dynamic Saturator
Diamond DS – Luca Pretolesi’s analog dynamic saturator
Diamond MS – Luca Pretolesi’s analog mix saturator
Diamond Lift 4
Lift 4 Mix – Ideal for regular mixing duties
Lift 4 Mast – Specially designed for mastering sessions
Diamond Transient
Diamond LP-3X – Inspired by a vintage 3-band dynamic range enhancer designed in the late 1980s
Diamond DYN-F – Dynamically emphasizes or de-emphasizes low frequencies in the range of 30 – 500 Hz
Druma – Drum processor designed to be used as a drum bus tool to refine your drum-kit and add density and life, emulating Salvatore Addeo’s typical processing chain
Ebony EQ – 3 different equalizer models organized in 2 selectable modules (HF/HMF and LMF/LF)
Ebony Rev – Recreates the classic sound of the first plate reverberation unit designed in 1957 by Wilhelm Franz
Ebony Pre – Based on a collection of 6 sought-after hardware units
Ebony Comp – Equipped with 4 different switchable compressors: D473, D277, D112, D82
Ebony – Channel Strip
El Rey – A late 1950s Limiting Amplifier
El Rey 2
El Rey 2 – Starting from this release (B), El Rey has become a plugin suite called El Rey 2
El Rey Stereo
Emerald 2
Emerald 2 – Universal EQ, based on the matchless processors built in Germany between the 1960s and the ’70s
Emerald Filter – Expands on the filtering section of its bigger brother
Emerald E200 EQ – Dual-mono “homebrewed” EQ emulation inspired by an iconic German parametric equalizer
Eminence – FREE plugin, new “creamy” channel strip bringing you the best of authentic old-school sound
Erin Comp ST – Stereo Tube Compressor/Limiter
Erin EQ MID – Passive Tube Mid-Range Equalizer
Erin EQ ST – Stereo Tube Equalizer
Erin HY Comp – Mono ‘Hyper’ Compressor
Erin HY Comp ST – Stereo ‘Hyper’ Tube Compressor/ Limiter
Fire Filters
Fire The HP – High cut filter
Fire The LP – Low cut filter
Fire The Pump – FREE plugin, powerful one-knob saturation
Frost – A British-style channel strip embracing the first Hyper Dynamic EQ
Gainstation 1 – Mike Dean distortion plugin
Gainstation 2 – The ultimate Mike Dean distortion plugin
Gold 5
Gold5 – Channel strip
Gold5 EQ – Composed by two modules (HF/HMF module and LMF/LF module)
Gold Comp – Equipped with 2 different compressors, the 8252 and 8254
Gold Pre – Includes several emulations derived from vintage and rare units
Green 4
Green4 MIX – 5-band Mono Parametric EQ
Green4 TRUESTEREO – 5-band stereo EQ
Green 4 Zen
Green4 Zen EQ – 5-band stereo mastering EQ
Green4 Zen Comp – A stereo mastering comp
Honey 3
Honey3 – Channel strip
Honey3 Classic EQ – 4-band standalone Classic Equalizer
Honey3 Comp – VCA-based channel compressor based on a feed-forward topology
Honey3 Vintage EQ – 4-band standalone Equalizer, with high and low cut filters derived from a 70s American series console
Howie Weinberg Mastering Console – Howie Weinberg’s mastering workflow in an all-in-one plugin
Ivory 5
Ivory IAE-2 – Mastering EQ
Ivory IAE-3 – Mastering EQ
Ivory IAE-4 – Mastering dynamic EQ
Ivory IAE-5 – Mastering dynamic EQ
Ivory MAC -2 – Mastering compressor
Ivory MAC-3 – Mastering multiband compressor
Ivory MAL-2 – Mastering limiter
Jade 2
Jade2 – Channel strip
Jade2 EQ – 2 switchable 4-Band Equalizers with High-pass and Low-pass Filters and 5 Preamp
Jade2 Pre – Includes all of the preamps for a total of 20 emulations
Jam – Delivers a large variety of saturation types with a distinctive sound and an analog feel
Jam MIX – Light version Jam
Jet Bundle
Jet – FREE player/plugin designed primarily for bus purposes
Jet MIX – FREE player/plugin, light version Jet
Lava – Includes over 140 microphone emulations
Lemon – Best collection of delay and tape emulations
Magenta 5
Magenta5 – Tube mastering EQ
Magenta5 STEREO – Stereo tube mastering EQ
Magenta5 Comp – Vari-Mu compressor mode
Magenta5 Comp STEREO – Including 4 switchable compressor emulations (B, C1, C2, D1, D2)
Magenta5 Pre – Sampling individual preamps offers you the opportunity to add tons of mojo to mix yours
Magenta5 STRIP – Channel strip
Magic Flow – Josh Gudwin’s magic vocal strip
Maize – embodies the main features of the PP10, 10 bands, each of which includes 19 selectable frequencies
Midnight R2 – Ultimate Vari-mu Tube compressor collection universally considered the most iconic dynamics processor
Mint EQ – 4-band EQ with bass cut, 8 solid state line preamps from the 8 channels derived from the GL2112 console
Mint Comp – A solid state compressor/limiter featuring 3 different switchable dynamic processor emulations
Mint Pre – 16 line preamplifiers, 16 mic preamplifiers and 2 stereo buses to recreate the same sound as the original console
Mint – Channel strip
Mystic – All-Tube Hyper3 Channel strip
Nickel EQ – 4-band fully-parametric EQ derived from the Stereo EQ
Nickel EQ STEREO – Stereo 4-band fully-parametric EQ derived from historic US-made unit from the 60s-70s
Nickel Comp – Legendary ’60s FET compressor
Nickel Pre – 4 Line Preamps, 4 Mic Preamps, 4 SH1 preamps, 4 SH2 preamps from a modern Precision Microphone Preamplifier
Olive EQ – Vintage 4-Band equalizer
Olive Pre – Vintage pre-amp section including 4 Line and 4 Mic pre-amps
Olive Comp – Original VCA based compressor/limiter
Olive Exp – VCA expander
Opal EQ LITE – Standard version of the Hi-Def 55, as originally designed by John Oram
Opal EQ – provides extended functionality by adding a Preamp input trim, Mid/Side, Pan, and Spread controls
Opal Comp – Precision limiter/compressor provides the same vibes of ‘Oram Sonics Sonicomp 2’ by John Oram
Pink 4
Pink4 Pre – 215 Preamp module with 8 different circuit distortion models
Pink4 PEQ – 780 10-band graphic EQ
Pink4 EQ – 1650 4-band EQ module with 5 selectable per band models
Pink4 Comp – 2412 Single band compressor
Pink4 MB Comp – 7236 Multiband compressor
Pink4 – 2715 Channel strip
Pumpkin Pro R2 – Unique blend of a flexible dual-stage saturation section with a powerful analog- style EQ push/pull (LF – MF – HF)
Ruby 2 – Recreation of the VT-5 EQ, signed DW Fearn
Salt – Ultimate 5-band Hyper- mixing EQ
Sand 3
Sand3 EQ – 3 switchable 4-band parametric equalizers, plus 3 additional high and low pass filter sets
Sand3 +E EQ – First “homebrewed” EQ included in the Sand 3 suite. Based on a British console first introduced to the market in 1979
Sand3 +G EQ – Second “homebrewed” EQ model. This one is derived from a celebrated console that came out in 1993
Sand3 Comp – Inspired by three high-end British hardware units
Sand 3 Pre – 56 different preamps: 32 Mic, 16 Line, 8 Group
Sand 3 – Channel strip
Scarlet 5
Scarlet5 – Dual-mono EQ
Scarlet5 Classic – ‘Powerhouse’ EQ, specifically tailored for mastering engineers. It brings you the sound of two mastering devices designed in the 70s
Sienna Bundle
Sienna Reference – Allows you to quickly achieve perfection in your headphones by adjusting just three knobs
Sienna Rooms – Lets you choose your ideal listening environment from a collection of sampled recording studio spaces
Sienna Guru – expanded version of Sienna, including more advanced, specialized fine-tuning controls that are not available in the main plugins
Sienna Sphere – Instantly transform your headphones into an Atmos studio
Smoke EQ STEREO – Stereo, 4-band, fully-parametric EQ with high and low-pass filters derived from vintage US-made units from the 1960s and 70s
Smoke Comp – A 1950s tube compression amplifier emulation, an All-American stalwart of early broadcast and recording studios
Smoke – Channel strip
Snow EQ – Encapsulates that “console” flavor that separates the toys from the serious tools
Snow Preamp – 3 separate banks (line, mic, and custom), packing a total of 52 “British-style” preamplifiers
Snow Comp – Dual-mono plugin equipped with two powerful dynamics processors that will fill your tracks with so much character
Snow MB – Master Bus is a stereo dynamic processor derived from a revered modern hardware unit
Sounda – Powerful EQ tool for modern producers, signed by Don Joe & S. Addeo
Space Control – Multiband Hardwell’s stereo enhancer. Created incredibly realistic stereo effects while keeping tracks mono-compatible
Taupe EQ – 3 different equalizer models: American console 1976, in-line console 1979, high-end console 1982
Taupe Comp – Top-quality Swiss analog console 1982, Taupe’s dynamics module is great for bass, drums, pianos, and spoken word recording
Taupe Tape – Dreamware Tape (3 rack unit)
Taupe – Channel strip
Tiger – Second-generation ‘Hyper’ comp technology-powered compressor plugin, delivers collection of Acustica’s most renowned compressor curves
Tiger MIX – Compressor designed for tracking
Tiger MAST – Tiger mastering plugin
Fire the Tiger
Tiger Ultra – Ehanced version of the well-known Tiger Mix plugin
Titanium 3
Titanium3 3BComp – Standalone 3-band multiband compressor
Titanium3 1BComp – Standalone single-band compressor
Titanium3 EQ – Standalone all-tube passive Equalizer
Titanium3 Pre – Preamp standalone module
Titanium3 – Channel strip
Titanium 3 Basstard – FREE bass frequency monster plugin
Tulip EQ – 2 switchable equalizers with HP-LP filters, plus three different preamps
Tulip Comp – A solid-state VCA compressor/limiter; featuring 4 different switchable dynamic processor emulations
Tulip Pre – 16 line preamps, 16 mic preamps, and 16 custom preamps
Tulip – Channel strip
Ultramarine 4
Ultramarine4 – A70 Mid-Side/Stereo Compressor
Ultramarine4 EQ27 – A-27 Variable Tube Equalizer
Ultramarine4 EQ64 – A -64 American Vintage 2-Band Passive Program EQ
Ultramarine4 Rev – A-58 Reverb Unit
Ultramarine4 – Channel strip
Voxa – Salvatore Addeo’s all-in-one vocal mixing plug-in
Water 3
Water3 – Channel strip
Water3 EQ – Sampled from a passive stereo germanium equalizer dating back to 1961
Water3 Comp – Limiter/compressor is based on a discrete diode bridge design of classic legendary tube devices 1960s
White 3
White3 PEQ-2.0 – Emulation of the WSM PEQ-2.0, a solid state P-style mastering EQ
White3 FILT – 2 elliptical filter modes and 3 fixed positions, the V containing cuts suitable for Vinyl Cutting and the M for classic mastering cuts

Features of the distribution
Ability to install any type of plugins separately, several types in any combination or all types of plugins:

In the original version, resource files are installed for each type of plug-in (AAX, VST, VST3), this led to the fact that the total
volume for all 3 types of plug-ins reached almost 173 GB! But with the help of magic links, the same volume was reduced to 65 GB)) ✔️ How to install one type of plugins

correctly 1. Download the required archive of the plugin type from the distribution + ‘Resources.7z’ 2. Unpack these archives and combine folders

Acustica Audio Bundle (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) VST, VST3, AAX x64 [04/05/2024] [R2R]

3. Переместить папку ‘Acustica Audio’ на нужный диск (например, где лежат все NO INSTALL)
4. Запустить файл ‘Existing (тип плагина) Folders.cmd’
5. Открыть файл ‘Existing Folders.txt’. Если каталоги существуют – удалить их!
6. Запустить файл ‘SymLink (тип плагина) Installer.cmd’ и установить пакет плагинов
7. Запустить файл ‘SymLink (тип плагина) Resources Installer.cmd’
8. Запустить DAW и проверить наличие плагинов

✔️ Несколько типов плагинов
Если устанавливаете несколько РАЗНЫХ типов плагинов (например VST и VST3):
1. Скачать нужные архивы типов плагинов из раздачи + ‘Resources.7z’
2. Распаковать последовательно все архивы в одно место, не нарушая при этом структуру каталогов
Acustica Audio Bundle (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) VST, VST3, AAX x64 [04/05/2024] [R2R]

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