Acustica Audio – Lemon 2023

Lemon 1.5 includes 40 different delay and tape emulators that realistically reproduce the behavior and sound quality of numerous hardware delays, both vintage and modern. A well-thought-out feedback circuit with various types of filters and a customizable dynamics control allows Lemon to be used as an effective tape recorder/overdrive simulator.

Features of Lemon

  • 40 different delay and tape emulators for vintage and modern vibes.
  • Feedback circuit with various filters and customizable dynamics control.
  • Functions as a tape recorder and overdrive simulator for added versatility.
  • Superior “repeat well” capability, avoiding the grainy and artificial pitfalls.
  • Perfect for normal conditions, not just supernatural special effects.
  • Old-school hardware latency for that authentic touch.
  • Lemon (Dreamer Multitap Delay) – 6 rack units of sonic magic.
  • Lemon Stereo (Dreamer Stereo Delay) – Coming in November with 3 rack units.
  • Lemon Stereo Lite (Dreamer Stereo Delay Lite) – Also in November with 2 rack units.

Technical Details & System Requirements

    • Developer: Acustica Audio.
    • Format: VST, AAX.
    • Bit capacity: 64bit
    • System requirements: WIN 10+
    • Size: 152.7 MB

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