ADSR Sounds Orbit v1.0.0 VST3i x64

ADSR Sounds Orbit v1.0.0 VST3i x64

Orbit is a sophisticated MIDI sequencer capable of generating melodies, chord progressions, drum patterns and more.
Driven by the Euclidean algorithm, a simple yet infinitely powerful mathematical model,
Orbit combines controlled randomness with intuitive visual feedback,
offering an easy platform to experiment, innovate and bring your musical vision to life.

EUCLIDEAN functions
The Euclidean algorithm distributes beats evenly over a given time interval. Under your creative direction, Orbit brings exciting unpredictability to a composition, placing notes in patterns that defy intuition. This controlled randomness within structured rhythms imbues the compositions with subtle surprises, making them dynamically engaging and compelling.

The Orbit sequencer offers 8 separate tracks or rhythm parts, each with independent controls allowing you to create complex polyrhythms and ever-evolving sequences. You can customize each track by setting and adjusting a full range of parameters, including steps, shots, spin, probability, speed, swing and more.

Using the Modulation panel, you can draw modulation for each parameter on any track. With Orbit’s internal modulation system, you can modulate sequencer parameters on the fly, or even add an element of randomization to the whole process.

The scale selector allows you to quickly select a key and makes it easy to change keys using the circle of fifths.

Advanced View allows you to see and control parameters for all 8 tracks at once. This can be especially useful in the moments leading up to dragging MIDI from Orbit directly into your DAW.

Orbit’s randomization panel allows you to fine-tune the boundaries of the randomization function so that your riffing is both creative and beneficial to your project.

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