aiXDSP aiXDSP Bundle 2024 VST, VST3, AAX x64

aiXDSP aiXDSP Bundle 2024 VST, VST3, AAX x64

With over 30 years of audio engineering, mixing and mastering experience, AIXDSP creates the exact plugins we’ve always wanted to see on the market, solving the toughest problems we face in our profession in a simple and intuitive way.
AUTOGATE – Stop wasting time stacking gates and filters in hopes of stumbling upon the magic settings that will eliminate cymbal leakage from your drums.
INTUITION COMPRESSOR – You can see exactly when the exhaust curve begins, how long your compressor stays open, and how quickly it opens.
Too much compression in a certain area? No problem – you will see it and can make changes accordingly.
Instead of spending years training your ears to understand how a compressor works, you can now use your ears to create music, using the compressor as a tool you understand rather than a tool that frustrates you.
DRUMeq – Hunt down the resonant frequencies that are ruining your mix quickly and accurately, making your mixes translate to speakers of any size.
DynamicEQ – The aiXdsp Dynamic EQ will help you with surgical corrections, wide smooth shifts, bleaching drums, de-essing and removing plosives from the voice, freeing up space in a mix or even phone vocals – the aiXdsp Dynamic EQ will have you covered!

✔️ List of plugins
AutoGate v1.0.3
DrumEQ v2.0.8.0
Dynamic EQ v2.0.8.0
Intuition Compressor v3.0.3.0

✔️ Installation
1a). Install the .exe and replace with the patched files.(PATCHED)

1b). If you want to use the untouched version, simply open one of the patched files once in any DAW.

A “real” license is created automatically when you open one of the patched files.
for the first time. We can say that it generates keygens itself.

But if you do this, we recommend that you first block in your firewall or host file.
And set the read-only attribute:
…AppData\Roaming\aixdsp\IC – Intuition Compressor\IC – Intuition Compressor.config file.

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