aiXDSP aiXDSP Bundle (R2R) 2024 VST, VST3, AAX x64

aiXDSP aiXDSP Bundle (R2R) 2024 VST, VST3, AAX x64

MULTIBAND GATE – Stop wasting time stacking gates and filters in hopes of stumbling upon the magic settings that will eliminate cymbal leakage from your drums.
MULTI BAND COMPRESSOR with hold and beat controls, up and down expansion. Zero latency.
ICONIC REVERB – Full control over the shape and timing of the reverberation.
NoteEQ is an equalizer/limiter pre-tuned to note centers.
Auto Engage – Connect a continuous MIDI controller signal and turn on and off the wah-wah, pitch bender, volume control, or any other switchable MIDI effect you want to modulate.

With over 30 years of audio engineering, mixing and mastering experience, AIXDSP creates the exact plugins we’ve always wanted to see on the market, solving the toughest problems we face in our profession in a simple and intuitive way.

✔️ List of plugins
Multiband Gate 3.0.6
AutoEngage 1.02
IconicReverb 3.0.2
NoteEQ 1.2.3

✔️ Installation
If necessary, block access to the host “”.
Uninstall previous versions.
Before launching, register in our keygen.
TEAM R2R 2023

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