Ashampoo Music Studio RePack (& ​​Portable) by TryRooM

Ashampoo Music Studio RePack (& ​​Portable) by TryRooM

A program for editing, converting and mixing audio.
Ashampoo Music Studio 10 is a Swiss army knife for your music. It offers an extensive set of tools for easily editing, processing, cutting, mixing and organizing music and audio files.

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8 good reasons for Ashampoo Music Studio 10!
Ashampoo Music Studio 10’s powerful features allow you to get the most out of your music collection! It comes with 8 convenient modules that will make music lovers’ dreams come true – from precise music editing to cutting and recording. Ashampoo Music Studio 10 combines ease of use with power and efficiency. Convert, mix and organize your music collection, create, edit and print your own covers, convert CDs. And you can do all this with little effort thanks to Ashampoo Music Studio 10!

Supports looping while listening to audio
Easier to drag and drop with headers
Context menu for quick access to functions
Instantly split tracks into three parts
Tag editor now supports 18 different tag types
Attach multiple images to a track
Easily and logically rearrange a track
Group functions for greater clarity
Significantly improved performance in different parts of the program
Preview with loops
Now you can select a position not only within, but also between tracks for continuous playback. This greatly simplifies the process, for example when sewing pieces together, because you can now instantly track changes as they occur.

More detail and easier management with headers
Each track now has a separate header bar to help you separate them and make dragging and dropping easier. Mixing and editing tracks has become much more intuitive.

It’s all about context
Use the right-click context menu for instant access and save time. Or I use the extended toolbar. The choice is yours.

Divide with ease
Dividing tracks at the current marker position is certainly good, but in Ashampoo Music Studio 10 you can use selection to divide tracks into three parts, taking into account the beginning and end of each selection. This is especially useful if you want to apply an equalizer, for example, to the middle of a track.

More tags for your tracks
Tags fill your songs with details, such as artist, genre, and more. Ashampoo Music Studio 10 supports 18 different tag types for richer metadata – a treat for perfectionists and true music lovers!

Maybe just one? No more!
Album art is more than just a photo on the cover. Booklet, band photo or back cover – now you can add several photos to your songs at once.

Everything is logical
Now the functions in the editor are logically grouped with accessibility depending on the context. This means that when you edit several tracks at the same time, you will only have access to those functions that are needed only in the current situation, which will distract you less from the task and quickly achieve your goal!

Small things matter too
Now you can use smart positioning to rearrange tracks with high precision, for example to blend tracks smoothly. You can also apply tags by category or convert tracks from one format to another without losing tags. Details matter, so Ashampoo Music Studio 10 respects that!

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