AudioRealism ABL3 v3.3.2.9 SAL, VSTi, VSTi3( (x64)

AudioRealism ABL3 v3.3.2.9 SAL, VSTi, VSTi3( (x64)

AudioRealism – ABL3 v3 is a next generation plugin, hailed by our critics as 303 emulation.
ABL3 is completely rebuilt from the ground up and has been in development for several years with the goal of creating the most accurate and accurate emulation possible.
With an intuitive and streamlined workflow, we hope ABL3 will set a new standard in 303 emulation software.

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Switching Between 303 Models:
The ABL3 allows users to switch between different oscillator models, providing a variety of 303-style sounds. This feature can be accessed through the setup mode, where users can adjust various aspects of the synth, such as vibrato, VCA, and more.

Built-in Effects:
The ABL3 lacks the distortion of the ABL2, but still features a filter that recreates the classic TB303 sound with rich, punchy tones.

Intuitive Sequencer:
ABL3 has an enhanced classic sequencer mode. When the Up and Down buttons are active, a vibrato effect is created. The Shift buttons allow you to move the entire sequence up or down. Wave mode allows you to convert audio files into 303 sequences by analyzing them.

Pattern Variety:
The sequencer in ABL3 works differently than in the original TB303, with patterns grouped into groups of 128. A random button instantly generates TB303 patterns, which can be changed in classic mode or pattern mode. In addition, ABL3 offers four template editors and a new random number generator for creating templates within a specific structure.

The 303 emulation engine has been significantly improved.
Synchronization with the host.
Resizable GUI.
Classic editing mode.
View template editing.
Real-time randomizer.
Wave analyzer (to automatically decipher your 303 patterns).
Setup screen with several emulation settings.
Step recording function (via MIDI).
The vibrato effect is achieved by setting “Up” + “Down” in the step.
Import technoBox2 patterns.

TCD Note

x64: VST3, VST2 | x86: JBridge files

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