AudioRealism ReDominator v1.5.2.2 WIN/MAC SAL, VSTi, VST3i, AU x64

ReDominator is a plugin inspired by the classic Hoover Synth, a DCO (Digital Controlled Oscillator) based polyphonic synthesizer from 1986.
The AJ-1/2 became popular in the techno and rave scene of the early ’90s, especially due to the classic Hoover sound (which ReDominator emulates exactly).
But behind these niche sounds is a versatile synth that produces bass, pads, leads,
organs and a host of other sounds just waiting to be played!

Changelog v1.5.2:
Fixed some minor bugs, expanded the graphical interface and internal preset browser.

✔️ Features
Emulation of the famous Hoover patch from AJ-2.
Emulation of the IR3505 microcircuit that controls the filter.
14 different low-aliasing waveforms including a unique PWM pickup.

High quality full range 24 dB/octave low pass filter.
Unique 8-parameter envelope generator that produces much more complex and expressive sounds than standard ADSR.
200+ built-in patches (many of which are converted to sysex format from our own AJ-2).
A patch importer that allows you to import sysex patches from your own Alpha Juno and play them in ReDominator.
Chord Memory function (VST/AU version only).
Compatible with Alpha Juno and MKS-50 syntax.

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