BABY Audio Atoms 1.1.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX (x86x64) [En]

BABY Audio Atoms 1.1.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX (x86x64) [En]

Atoms is a new breed of synth plugin that uses advanced physics modeling to create an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds. Use it to create rich, vibrant textures the world has never heard of before.
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Baby Audio introduced a new Atoms synthesizer, based on physical sound modeling. It is noted that the plugin uses a software network of springs and masses that determine the behavior of the tool.

The synthesizer relies on a virtual network of objects of different masses, connected by springs with different degrees of tension. The sound is generated through interaction with the network and resembles “playing with a bow,” the developers noted.

The plugin was developed by the same team that created the experimental Transit tool. The company emphasized that Atoms uses a complex algorithm, but for the user interaction is limited to six parameters:

Chaos – random events and distortions;
Force — the strength of the bow, which affects the intensity of the signal;
Drive — signal saturation;
Order — the order of interaction with network elements;
Overtones – selection of “places where the virtual bow is located”, affecting the number of overtones in the sound;
Filter is a low-pass filter.

Additionally, the plugin received support for automating parameters for dynamic sound changes. The latter, according to the developers, will allow the generation of organic moving textures that change over time. Atoms is also compatible with the MPE protocol—users can bind any of six parameters to each note.

The developers abandoned a separate effects section, focusing on the sound of the synthesizer itself and the operation of the algorithm. At the same time, company representatives noted that the plugin has built-in chorus and vibrato, which are generated in real time through the same network of objects.
br> ✔️ Treatment procedure:

Install Atoms

Run BabyAudio_KeyGen.exe

All operations as administrator
Do not use Cyrillic

Author of the cure: TEAM R2R

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