Beat Butcha Messages from Outer Space Vol. 2 (WAV)

Beat Butcha Messages from Outer Space Vol. 2 (WAV)

Enter Beat Butcha – Messages from Space Vol. 2, Out of This World FX…

Messages from Space Vol. 2 is a collection of 100% original and royalty-free sound effects, One-Shots and bonus drum breaks created for hip-hop producers looking to add a psychedelic vibe to any beat.

Beat Butcha created this kit using an all-analog lineup including the Prophet 600, Prophet 5, Model D, Voyager, Vox Baroque using various tape echoes, hardware spring verb and Eventide H3000. No presets were used to create these samples, the effects were created live and tweaked to taste by adjusting the parameters of both synths while changing the delay speed, echo volume and feedback intensity.

Butcha has also ventured into the melodic side of FX, creating a folder of fiery textures to help harmonize your rhythms and. In addition, Butcha has added some unique spatial fragments that can be loaded into your sampling synths and played back melodies. The one-shots were recorded from Butchie’s personal synth collection (Chroma/Voyager/Prophet 5/600/Synorchestra 4/Vox Baroque/RMI) using various pedals tweaking the FX live to create uniquely textured sounds.

And just when you thought that was enough, he also recorded a set of amazing bonus drum breaks for the band.

✔️ Contents
Kit features:

107 Atmosphere FX
72 Melodic FX
49 Percs
72 Synth One-Shots
33 Bonus Breaks
100% Original & Royalty Free Samples
Created using authentic Analog gear with the Hip Hop Producer in mind

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