D16 Group SilverLine Collection 2024.03 VST, VST3, AAX x86x64

The D16 Group SilverLine collection gives you amazing effects plugins that will open up incredible sound design possibilities for you.
This set includes everything from versatile distortions and beat crushers to lush reverb, vibrant chorus and phaser effects.
With the D16 Group SilverLine Collection of plugins, you can add a new touch of excitement and depth to your mixes.

✔️ Composition:
Antresol – v1.3.2
Decimort – v2.3.2
Devastor – v2.3.2
Fazortan – v2.2.2
Frontier – v1.2.2
Godfazer – v1.2.3
Redoptor – v2.2.2
Repeater – v1.2.2
Sigmund – v2.0.0
Spacerek – v1.2.3
Syntorus – v2.2.2
Tekturon – v1.2.2
Toraverb – v2.2.2

✔️ Additional information:

Bringing the classic pedal back to life, we have created a must-have effects plugin that will appeal not only to performing guitarists, but also to instrumentalists and producers of almost any genre: be it rock guitar riffs or melodic synthesizer parts. Once you get acquainted with it, you will find that the extreme attention to sonic detail combined with the flexibility provided by modern technology makes Antresol the perfect example of what a flanger should be in the modern era. The original, conceived in the mid-’70s, quickly became the standard for flanger-style effects, offering a uniquely rich character defined by sumptuous harmonic interacting resonances, and has since been heard on countless classic recordings. That’s why D16 couldn’t resist the opportunity to resurrect the soul of this classic in a completely modern incarnation with Antresol, our newest effect in the SilverLine collection!

Decimort 2
Producers of electronic music (especially hip-hop) have long recognized that classic samplers (such as the early Akai and E-MU models) had their own character and sound: they added a “grain” and “colorfulness” to the samples and loops that they reproduced, made them sound fat and fit well into the mix. This coloration of the sound resulted from the encoding methods, lower sampling rates and bit depths, and conversion circuits used in these early samplers. Decimort recreates this coloration and adds the magic of a vintage sampler to any loop, any bassline, or any sound played through it for that matter! Apart from emulating a vintage sampler, it is also the ultimate beat crusher with a filter capable of extreme settings to achieve impressive results.

Devastor 2
Devastor 2 is the second generation of the first D16 FX plugin from the SilverLine Collection series. The Devastor is a deceptively simple yet remarkable multi-band distortion block. This is an expanded version of the distortion block found in Phoscyon, but with full control over multi-band processing. This takes audio distortion capabilities to a whole new level!
Devastor can be used to distort and enhance a wide range of sounds, from full acid synth sounds to guitar fuzz or analog amp combo speakers. It can even be used with drums to make them sound dirtier and more dynamic! Devastor is not only good at creating distorted, monstrous sounds, it can also be used subtly to enhance the timbre and character of softer sounds. For example, reducing the preamp gain, increasing the threshold, and choosing a soft knee for the dynamics will give the sound more warmth and detail without introducing distortion.

Fazortan 2
Fazortan 2 is the latest incarnation of our controllable space phaser, part of the SilverLine collection. Needless to say, we haven’t left out this reliable, beloved analog device. Phase Shifter gives you complete control, allowing you to achieve highly accurate audio contours. If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind the swirling, airy synth vibes that are synonymous with Jean-Michel Jarre’s vintage sound, then, surprisingly, it has less to do with the synths he chooses and more to do with the analog phaser that Fazortan is for 2 is an excellent analogue.

Quality and performance make Frontier the ideal tool for virtually any studio situation. Its simple and intuitive interface combined with excellent sound quality is sure to be appreciated by any engineer looking for an effective way to control the dynamics of a channel, bus, or even a master channel. The Frontier can be used as a very transparent mixing/mastering limiter (at certain settings), simply smoothing out the loudest amplitude peaks, or can be used more creatively as a sound shaper when it comes to more extreme settings.

This is an advanced modulation that includes a wide selection of vintage units (22 models in total). Each of the multi-effects has 40 filter types, from two-shelf EQs to an extensive selection of phasers. Both multifilters can be animated using common modulators.
Godfazer also includes all the standard features of the SilverLine plugin series, including 64-bit internal processing, three quality options for live playback and offline rendering, a resizable GUI, and a pre-tagged browser.

Redoptor 2
Contains a fairly accurately modeled tube distortion module. The emulation focuses not only on the characteristics of the tube, but also on the rest of the circuitry that works together with the tube within the distortion module to capture all the subtleties and dynamics inherent in high-quality analog devices. Use Redoptor on guitar, drums, arpeggio sequences, synth or acoustic sounds and you’ll hear its warm, rich and truly unique character.

The Repeater
Repeater, a vintage-style delay module, is the result of a collaboration between D16 Group and Slate Digital. This effect can simulate the behavior of various classic devices, specifically 23 different types of devices: from classic Oil-cans and plates to the most famous vintage digital models.

The Sigmund 2
plugin consists of four discrete delay blocks, each with an independent set of parameters that give you the freedom to shape your sound. There is an ancient saying often attributed to Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In the case of Sigmund, this is especially true, since each of the delay lines has built-in additional modules, such as a filter and an overdrive, operating independently of the feedback loop. The delay lines themselves can also be combined with each other in several ways. Sigmund’s user interface has been designed from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible. Everything is presented as if on a silver (or brushed aluminum) platter, laid out cleanly and clearly with instant access to each section and its parameters.

D16 Spacerek is designed for those who are tired of complex reverb plugins. The virtual reverb promises ease of use and low CPU requirements.
The plugin is based on a hybrid reverb engine. Early reflections are generated by the specially developed D16 Virtual Space Reverb algorithm. Late reflections are created by a dynamic delay that automatically selects the appropriate delay time. Combining the algorithm and dynamic delays allows you to emulate many different spaces: tunnels, rooms, halls, and so on.
For each generated space, you can select multiple microphone presets and speaker configurations, resulting in a total of 114 effect options. The built-in mixer allows you to adjust the ratio of the original signal, early and late reflections. Additional features include Mid/Side processing, a low-pass filter, and a simple reverb EQ section.

D16 Group SilverLine Collection 2024.03 VST, VST3, AAX x86x64
D16 Group SilverLine Collection 2024.03 VST, VST3, AAX x86x64

Syntorus 2
D16 decided to create a plugin that would have a rich analogue chorus sound, similar to the effect found in classic synths such as Solina, Synthex or Juno. This new effect is called Syntorus.
Syntorus has a unique sound that will add beauty to any instrument it is used on. Your synthetic basses and leads will come to life. You can also add extra depth and richness to your acoustic instruments.

This is a powerful multi-tap delay with a built-in sequencer. The effect offers 16 independent delay lines, all arranged in a sequence to provide a level of inspiration and possibility not available with conventional delays. What particularly sets Tekturon apart from other similar plugins is the control method and the unique topology in which the taps are built: the delay matrix. In other words, you can create a sequence of taps that literally create delays from each other. You can control the delay loop, pan, stereo extension and filter for each of the 16 lines, while tempo sync and swing are set globally.

Toraverb 2
Virtual reverb. The conceptual algorithm implemented in the block allows you to create almost any type of reverberation.
When creating Toraverb, we did not base it on any current reverb available on the market. We have not implemented any “off the shelf” algorithm. Toraverb is not a classic spring, room, hall or plate reverb. Toraverb is a conceptual algorithmic reverb. Using a set of easily accessible parameters, it allows the user to create almost any type of reverb. Our goal was to create a reverb that would sound pleasant and musical to the listener, and the result can be modified in many ways.
Reverb is a critical effect in a mix. The result depends on the algorithm used and the quality of the implementation. Typically, reverb is used as a send effect, with many channels in the mix being routed to it. If a low-quality plug-in or hardware unit is used, the end results can sound very disappointing, with the reverb track sounding unpolished in the mix

TCD Note:

x64: AVID, VST3, VST2 | x86: VST3, VST2, JBridge for Sigmund


Uninstall all non-instrument VSTi D16 Group bundles and single items.
Then just install!

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