Heckmann Audio u-he Satin v1.3.3 WINMAC VST, VST3, AAX, AU, CLAP x86 x64

Nothing else sounds like tape.
Satin puts the legacy of tape recording into your hands, from the latest multi-track consoles to the humble cassette deck.
All the good (saturation, transient smoothing, compression) and bad (noise modulation, judder, hiss) qualities are under your control.
Create your (im)ideal tape recorder.

Soft analog tape sound.
Includes historical developments in tape technology.
Manage up to 8 satin pieces simultaneously using the group panel.
5 popular models of encoders/decoders with noise reduction.
Service panel: Controls for hiss, wow and flutter, offset, head gap, azimuth, saturation, high-frequency compression and much more.
Modern or vintage ribbon material.
Internal sampling rate up to 384 kHz.
5 circuit models of equalizers for recording and playback.
Stereo delay mode (2 or 4 heads) with multi-mono, cross or ping-pong routing.
Ribbon flanger mode with classic through-null flanger.
Adjustable tape speed from 1.87 to 30 pixels.
Pre-emphasis and soft clipping options.
Preset browser with search function.
Compatible with NKS FX.
Changeable user interface from 70% to 200%.
Customizable user interface.
120+ factory presets.

✔️ List of changes v1.3.3
Satin 1.3.3 (revision 15721)
CLAP support.
Support for native Silicon AAX.
Support for the latest version of macOS Sonoma.
Updated VST3 SDK to version 3.7.8.
Improved GUI performance.
Improved dialogue processing.
Browser: New option to show/hide folders in the context menu.
Browser: Saving search results now works via drag&drop.
Browser: The “Description” and “Usage” fields now scroll while typing in the save presets dialog.
Browser: Folders can now be dragged onto tag smart folders.
Improved parameter automation in Pro Tools.
The registration dialog now removes unsupported characters (such as random spaces).
Added Ctrl A/B “Set as Default” option to the MIDI table page.
Windows Setup now includes an uninstaller.
Windows Setup now remembers the last used options.
Windows Setup blocks installation to the “C:\ProgramData” folder.
The Twitter link in the u-he menu has been replaced with a link to Mastodon.
Support for VST2 > VST3 migration for hosts using the IPluginCompatibility interface.

✔️ Bugs fixed:
Fixed: Differences in sound and analyzer when switching to a different sample rate (see notes in the user manual).
Fixed: Issue with automating multiple parameters (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: Group setting was not always remembered when reloading a project (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: When adding a new instance, the group label was removed (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: Some parameter changes were not recorded in the undo/redo chain (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: GUI glitch when switching to a smaller GUI size (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: Preset search input field did not accept mouse input (Pro Tools only).
Fixed: Using Cmd+A in dialog boxes could cause the GUI to disappear (Logic only).
Fixed: The plugin remained monophonic when using the “Mono > Stereo” option in Logic (native Silicon only).
Fixed: An aborted preset save operation could result in incorrect metadata being displayed in the inspector.
Fixed: Using the “duplicate” option in the browser could cause a crash if user rights were missing.
Fixed: Renoise no longer needs the “enable keyboard” option for the menu to work.
Fixed: Plugin focus is no longer needed for dropdown menus to work (Mac only).
Fixed: Problem with loading the init preset immediately after loading the plugin (Mac only).
Fixed: Scroll wheel does not work on second display under some conditions (Windows only).
Fixed: The installer now scales correctly on high resolution displays (Windows only).
Other minor fixes and improvements.

✔️ Known Issues:
CLAP: Plugin bypass button is not always responsive in Reaper (workaround: use Reaper bypass).
Problem automating multiple parameters in Ableton Live when using AU (use VST).
Special Notes:
AAX and CLAP are 64-bit only.

✔️ Installation/Registration
Uninstall previous versions.
If you don’t care about losing preferences or saved presets, delete the Diva.Data folder (C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\u-he).
This is the easiest cleaning method.
If you want to keep preferences or presets,
delete the “com.u-he.Satin.user” files in the Satin.Data/Support folders.
Generating a license:
Run our keygen, select a product.
Enter the user’s first and last name.
The format must be “Xxxxx” *Only the first letter must be capitalized.
Click GENERATE in the keygen.
A pair of full name and serial number will be generated.

✔️ NOTE:
Due to the security scheme, the generated name may contain extra characters after the last name.
Always remind that you need to use the generated name in the keygen.
Otherwise, the license will not be accepted.
Installs the plugin.
Launch the plugin.
It will launch in “demo mode”.
If it doesn’t start in demo mode, it means you made a mistake somewhere during the previous installation.
Delete everything and try again.
You will be prompted to enter a license.
Enter the generated license.

Year | Release date : 03/28/2024
Version : 1.3.3
Developer : Heckmann Audio
Format : VST, VST3, AAX, AU, CLAP
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tablet : Present [R2R]
System requirements :
☑ WIN 7+
☑ macOS 10.13+
Size : 90.7 MB

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