Hidden Path Audio Orchestral Devices: BATTALION (KONTAKT)

Hidden Path Audio Orchestral Devices BATTALION (KONTAKT)

Orchestral Devices: BATTALION is a cinematic brass band reimagined… Using our all-new Orchestral Devices engine, BATTALION allows you to create both traditional orchestral sounds and hybrid brass sound designs in one truly inspiring package!
With features like a state-of-the-art XY pad, quad-core multi-band sequencers, extensive editing and sound shaping capabilities, and a variety of included audio sources, BATTALION puts the power of epic brass at your fingertips. Quickly achieve cutting-edge brass sounds and tones by mixing up to four sources using the XY pad interface, and with simple MIDI implementation for your controllers or pad drivers, mixing four sources in real time is a breeze. Our built-in sequencers allow you to create easily accessible melodic patterns, or go full aleatoric and set the sequencer to “shuffle” for truly unique effects not available in most sample libraries.

✔️ Additional information
BATTALION includes 135 unique sound sources that you can easily combine and layer in any of the four quadrants of the XY interface. Sound sources range from traditional brass articulations, a great mix of orchestral brass effects and several hybrid sound design blocks (taken from acoustic content and then twisted and manipulated), as well as several analog synth blocks that complement the brass instruments in truly epic ways. Three mixes (Close, Stage and Full Mix) are available for all orchestral content to help you pinpoint the space and atmosphere for your track. 250 presets are also included in several categories to start creating your cinematic composition.

✔️ Included sound source categories are:

» Trumpet Solo

» Trumpet Ensemble

» Horn Solo

» Horn Ensemble

» Trombone Solo

» Trombone Ensemble

» Lowwind Ensemble

» Hybrid Sound Design

» Analog Synthesizer

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