Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets (WAV)

Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets (WAV)

STEAMPUNK GADGETS opens the gateway to the intricate world of gears, gears and mechanisms. This collection of mechanical sound effects is your listener’s ticket to a Victorian workshop where the future meets the past through the whisper of steam engines and the crackle of small mechanical devices.
The library offers a palette of sounds, ranging from the subtle clicks of locks to the complex operations of miniature steam-powered inventions. It is ideal for creating unique mechanics, enhancing haptics in gaming environments, or adding a unique mechanical touch to user interfaces and interactive designs.

Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets (WAV)
Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets (WAV)

The library includes both original recordings and pre-developed sounds. You get a variety of recordings of small mechanisms such as gears, springs, buttons, various manipulations, as well as a large set of fully developed machine processes and mechanics. Create a locking mechanism for a secret box, bring mechanical gadgets to life, or set the background atmosphere of a factory floor.
STEAMPUNK GADGETS is not just a set for designing small mechanisms; This is an essential collection for those who create complex machine sounds. Improve the sound design of weapons, create large industrial machines, or design everyday mechanical devices. Immerse yourself in a world where the smallest sounds leave the biggest impressions, and let this collection of meticulously crafted sound effects become the gearbox for your mechanical sound design work.

✔️ Sound categories
Manipulation: Create sounds for weapon handling, reloading, or other short mechanical movements and processes.
Mechanisms: Construct all kinds of mechanisms, such as gears, rotations, springs, levers and locking mechanisms.
Machines: Design complex machines, from small devices to large steam engines driven by powerful mechanical rhythms.
Factories: Use sounds as a resource to create soundscapes for entire factory floors or an overall steampunk atmosphere.

✔️ Contents
Recordings – Bells: 4 files, 28 sounds
Recordings – Buttons, clicks and switches: 44 files, 430 sounds
Recordings – Gears and rotation: 70 files, 439 sounds
Recordings – Short mechanisms: 84 files, 560 sounds
Recordings – Steam and air: 12 files, 57
Designed sounds – Backgrounds: 8 files, 8
Designed sounds – Buttons and clicks: 17 files, 150
Designed sounds – Gears: 36 files, 156 Designed sounds – Manipulations: 27 files, 129 Designed
sounds – Strikes and
collisions: 24 files, 182 sounds
Designed – Cars: 49 files, 49 sounds
Designed – Mechanisms: 66 files, 287 sounds

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