Kilohearts Toolbox Ultimate & Slate Digital bundle v2.2.1 VST, VST3 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Kilohearts Toolbox Ultimate & Slate Digital bundle v2.2.1 VST, VST3 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Own the entire collection of Kilohearts plugins with Kilohearts Ultimate. This set includes our award-winning Phase Plant modular synth, plus all other hosts and effects.

Build your own modular synths and effects:
The open modular architecture of the Kilohearts ecosystem gives you the freedom to create any instruments and effects you can imagine using Phase Plant, Multipass and Snap Heap. Whether you need something simple and functional or something complex and experimental, you now have all the tools you need to make it happen. Just imagine what opportunities will be open to you!

Everything you need:
Kilohearts Ultimate includes a huge range of effects that can be used as regular plugins in your DAW or as Snapins that can be combined and modulated at will in any Snapin Host. Once you save a preset, everyone you share it with will be able to use it, regardless of what Snapins they own. ✔️ Premium Plugins

Pack Contents : Phase Plant is an award-winning hybrid modular synthesizer designed for music producers and sound designers. With a unique combination of high-quality processing, creative freedom, and an intuitive workflow, you’ll be creating stunning patches in no time. Explore limitless combinations of oscillators, modulators and effects to discover and perfect your own original sound. Multipass is a multi-band modular Snapin host that splits the incoming signal into five frequency ranges, to which you can separately add effect chains. These can then be modulated using Kilohearts powerful modular modulation system. Snap Heap is a modular Snapin host that allows you to build up to seven serial or parallel effects chains and modulate each parameter using Kilohearts’ powerful modular modulation system. Disperser is a phase shifter that uses a wideband filter to add delay to various frequencies. Faturator is a plugin that can do a lot – from adding subtle and warm grainy character to your sounds to smashing them into a wall of heavy saturation and digital fuzz. Unlike many other distortion effects, Faturator can maintain the dynamics of your sound and work wonders on it regardless of the input gain. Convolver – convolution reverb. Carve EQ – 31-band graphic equalizer. Slice EQ is an advanced parametric equalizer with great modulation potential. Shaper Table is a waveshaper that generates distortions based on time-modulated waveform tables – both built-in and custom. SnapIn plugins:

3-Band EQ, Bitcrush, Chorus, Comb Filter, Compressor, Convolver, Delay, Distortion, Dynamics, Ensemble, Filter, Flanger, Formant Filter, Frequency Shifter, Gain, Gate, Haas, Ladder Filter, Limiter, Nonlinear Filter, Phase Distortion , Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Resonator, Reverb, Reverser, Ring Mod, Shaper, Stereo, Tape Stop, Trance Gate, Transient Shaper Preset

Banks Phase Plant:
Animus by Tom Wolfe
Astral Beings by Dash Glitch
Bass Forge by Nasko
Book of the Dead by Kill the Noise
Cheat Code by Pegboard Nerds
Crisis Design by MUST DIE!
Ephemeris by Venus Theory
Hardwire by New Loops
Headline by New Loops
I’mmortal by Oddiction
Impossible by Oddiction
Microwave Proof by Camellia
New London by New Loops
On the Floor by AVT
Polychrome by Andrew Huang
Suspension by emptyvessel
Tremor by Arovane
Candy Milk by Mouse
Carta by Black Marvin
Dropdead by Teddy Killerz
For:Time by p0gman
Neverland by Letsynthesize
Outer Space by Sonar Traffic
This is future punk!!1!! by Agent Method
Transmission by Black Sun Empire
Circling by Navi Retlav
Cirrus by Arovane
Impulse Control by Navi Retlav
Luftrum 28 by Luftrum

Also included presets from Slate Digital for Snap Heap and Multipass

2.2.1 2024-03-27

–Shaper Table
* Now Bias, Smooth, Phase and Loop Mode can be automated.

* Loop Mode can now be automated.

* Fixed an issue causing crashes on macOS.
* Fixed an issue where an edited sample from the built-in library was not saved properly.
* Fixed an issue where nodes in output curves could be removed when this should not be possible.
* Fixed incorrect hover effects when dragging curve nodes and loop handles.
* Fixed incorrect scaling level of curves after loading.
* Hiding the background of the path in curve editors when the mesh is visible.

Among the undocumented changes, it is worth noting the change in the color scheme of the interface to an option with more bluish tints.

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