Native Instruments Kontakt 7.10.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX (x64) Portable by vkDanilov [En]

Native Instruments Kontakt 7.10.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi 3, AAX (x64) Portable by vkDanilov [En]

Kontakt allows you to play back and process previously recorded audio data – samples of musical instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, etc. – but this is only a small part of the full range of its capabilities. In VKontakte you can use ready-made instruments from a huge number of libraries from third-party developers or create your own virtual instruments, apply powerful built-in processing modules to their audio signals, and build complex performance schemes with various modulation connections. Everything is possible – from ultra-precise recreation of real instruments to the creation of original, unlike anything else instruments.
The main innovation of the sixth version of Kontakt is the wavetable engine, which allows new hybrid instruments that combine synthesis and sampling to create unique sound textures.

✔️ What’s new in Kontakt 7:

New Factory Library (Download separately): has been redesigned and includes seven new collections of instruments, fresh sounds, effects, additional features and a HiDPI interface.

New Browser: Provides access to all your instruments and snapshots, allowing you to filter sounds by tags, text search, custom presets and favorites, helping you quickly and intuitively find the right presets for your musical needs.

Two new effects: PsycheDelay and Ring Modulator.

Psyche Delay is a stereo delay effect that creates a series of atmospheric background echoes and reverse effects reminiscent of the “reversed tape” sound of the 1960s.

Ring Modulator is an effect based on the ring modulation technique, also called balanced. This special type of amplitude modulation destroys the harmonic structure of the sound and gives it a metallic sound character. By using a low-frequency modulation signal, tremolo effects can be achieved.

HiDPI: Pin 7 supports high resolution monitors.

Improved engine: updated time stretching algorithm.

Updated Sidebar [Classic Browser]: The Database tab has been removed and its functionality has been replaced by the new browser. The Expert tab has been renamed to the Monitor tab. When editing a complex instrument with different groups and zones, it’s easy to get lost in the editing tools. The Monitor tab counters this by providing a useful overview of various aspects of the tool you’re currently editing. Similar to the Instrument Navigator panel, it shows a constantly updated and searchable list of all groups and zones in your instrument. It allows you to quickly include and exclude groups for editing, and also provides a context-sensitive parameter view that shows the values ​​of the parameter you touched last across all groups.

✔️ History of changes:

FIXED a crash when replacing a Daft filter with any other filter with more than 8 voices playing at the same time.
FIXED Step Modulator no longer resets the steps setting after adjusting other parameters.
ADDED new Electric Grand EQ and tremolo mode to EP Preamps effect settings.
IMPROVED Tool selection is no longer reset when clicking on a level meter or empty space in the tool header in Single View.

✔️ Installation:

1. Create an empty folder. The name of the folder itself and the path to it MUST NOT CONTAIN CYRILLIC. The folder MUST BE WRITTABLE. Do not place the folder on the system drive.

2. Run the installer (KontaktPortable_v7**.exe) > “Browse…”, select the created folder > “Extract”

Note: In Kontakt Portable, export to a new browser is disabled by default in the Library Manager settings. The browser will be filled in automatically only after exporting is enabled and saved in the Manager.

Read more information in the file Kontakt7Portable.txt

Author portable: vkDanilov

✔️ How to update Kontakt 7.xx PORTABLE to Kontakt 7.*.* PORTABLE:
1. Run the installer KontaktPortable_v7**.exe

2. Click “Browse…” and select the folder in which the Kontakt 7.xx PORTABLE files are located > “Extract”

3. When the “Confirm file replacement” window appears, confirm the replacement of files (Click “Yes to All”)

✔️ How to add Kontakt 7 PORTABLE VST3 to the host (DAW)

Method 1:
Open your host settings and add the Kontakt7Portable\Kontakt 7\x64\VST3\ folder as an additional plugin scanning folder. Please refer to your DAW manual for details.
This method is suitable for hosts that do not limit themselves to scanning VST3 plugins only in a standard location (Cockos Reaper, Magix Samplitude,…)

Method 2:
Run Kontakt7Portable\Install.exe
On the component selection page, select: “Add VST3 plugin” (will a link has been created to the Kontakt PORTABLE VST3 plugin in the standard VST3 plugins scanning folder).

✔️ How to add Kontakt 7 PORTABLE to ProTools

Run Kontakt7Portable\Install.exe and select “Add AAX to ProTools” (on the component selection page).

✔️ For more information, read the file Kontakt7Portable.txt

Solving problems:

Black screen
You can try to select the appropriate rendering mode using Helper\GUI Tweaker.exe

Libraries are not added to the NKS browser of Contact
Library Manager -> Settings -> Libraries -> Export to NKS- browser

Error Could not update file
Reason 1:
Insufficient rights to write to the Kontakt Portable folder (for example, if it is located in Program files)
Move the Kontakt Portable folder to another writable location

Cause 2:
The Settings.cfg settings file is saved in UTF-16 encoding (Kontakt Portable v6. 5.3) and the library settings contain invalid characters (Hebrew, Devanagari, hieroglyphs, superscripts, etc. in paths, names of libraries, companies, etc.)
Open UserData\Settings.cfg in a text editor and resave it in UTF encoding -8.

✔️ For more information, read the file Kontakt7Portable.txt

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