Native Instruments Kontakt PORTABLE 7.9.0 STANDALONE, VST3i, VSTi, AAX* x64

Native Instruments Kontakt PORTABLE 7.9.0 STANDALONE, VST3i, VSTi, AAX x64

Update of the popular sampler. Contact allows you to play back and process previously recorded audio data – samples of musical instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, etc. – but this is only a small part of the full range of its capabilities. In VKontakte you can use ready-made instruments from a huge number of libraries from third-party developers or create your own virtual instruments, apply powerful built-in processing modules to their audio signals, and build complex performance schemes with various modulation connections. Everything is possible – from ultra-precise recreation of real instruments to the creation of original, unlike anything else instruments.

✔️ Additional functionality:
1. No activation of protected libraries is required, the ability to register (adding to bookmarks) in batch mode.
2. Ability to edit patches of protected libraries.
3. Possibility of resaving with samples of patches of protected libraries.
4. Ability to edit blocked scripts.

✔️ Features of the portable (PORTABLE) version:
1. Installation, including additional software (Service Center, Native Access, MS VS C++ runtime), is not required.
2. All settings are saved in a portable program folder (the Windows registry and other system storage are not used, administrator rights are not required*).
3. The Library Manager has been integrated, providing full control over protected libraries, as well as allowing you to register unprotected (homemade) libraries without generating nicnt files.
4. The ability to simultaneously work with the installed version of Contact without conflicts and with different settings.

✔️ Notes:
* (super)administrator rights are required if the transferred program folder is placed in a protected system storage (for example, in Program Files) – such a location for portable programs is unnatural and is not recommended.

Kontakt PORTABLE is not compatible with the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) standard:
1. Instruments from NKS-compatible libraries added to Kontakt PORTABLE will not appear on the screen of the NKS hardware device (Komplete Kontrol or Maschine). Accordingly, they cannot be selected, previewed and downloaded directly from the device’s browser, but only through the interface of the Contact itself.
2. The controls of an NKS-compatible library instrument loaded into Kontakt PORTABLE are not automatically linked to the controllers of the NKS device, only manually in the standard way for external MIDI devices (MIDI Learn).

✔️ How to install Kontakt 7 PORTABLE:
1. Create an empty folder. The name of the folder itself and the path to it MUST NOT CONTAIN CYRILLIC. The folder MUST BE WRITTABLE.
2. Run the KontaktPortable_v790.exe installer
3. Click the Browse… button and select the created empty folder
4. Click the Extract button

Year | Release date : 03/29/2024
Version : 7.9.0
Developer : Native Instruments
Bit depth : 64-bit
Interface language : English
Tablet : cured
System requirements :
• OS – Windows 8+
• RAM – 4GB
• processor – SSE4
• video card – OpenGL 2.1+
• Direct 3D 11.1+
Size : 596.3 MB

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