Plugin Alliance & Brainworx bx_glue 1.0.1 VST, VST 3, AAX x64

Give your mix what it needs
Get the sound of the greatest British-made VCA compressors of the 1980s, the warmth,
the punch and coherence of analog glue compression with all the power and control of modern
Brainworx feature set with multi-band capabilities.
For professionals looking for the perfect mixing glue, and amateurs whose mixes never quite come together,
This is the final version of the VCA compressor. Brainworx bx_glue brings it all together.

Analog glue compression that goes beyond digital multiband
bx_glue’s advanced multiband capabilities allow it to compress low- and high-frequency content independently, making it ideal for sidechaining. You can also set Band Link to 100% to apply classic wideband compression, adjust Band Tilt to cut/boost each band in reverse, and balance levels after compression. bx_glue is designed to bring vintage warmth to modern music production.
Legacy of VCA compression in one plugin
For those who like a deep or specific sound, you can create the character of almost any VCA compressor with bx_glue’s rich tonal section. Go from light to heavy saturation with the XL saturation control, add air or grain with the nickel and iron input transformers, and switch between classic and dirty flavors with the Total Harmonic Distortion control.
Tame transients and protect your tonal balance
The bx_glue accent section provides the perfect combination of character and control. Precisely and aggressively highlight unwanted frequencies before compression and de-emphasize afterwards to eliminate harsh frequencies while maintaining the tonal balance of your tracks.
Vintage glue for your beads and bands
bx_glue provides exactly what a studio-quality VCA compressor should provide – pop, character and cohesion for subgroups and stereo bass. Stick bx_glue onto a bus or track, select a preset, or tweak the top section to instantly give your mix a gluey feel.
Enhancing Individual Tracks with Vintage Glue
Leverage the depth of capability and tonal flexibility of bx_glue to precisely lay down vintage glue and enhance individual tracks. This works especially well with vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Any band or track that needs more balance or mojo will benefit from bx_glue’s precision.

A unique and flexible dual-range adhesive compressor inspired by the legendary British tire compressors.
Detailed input, output and gain meters, plus automatic gain control for precise monitoring.
The ability to select and reproduce the character of almost any VCA compressor.
A classic VCA compressor in a modern two-way matrix.
Stereo compressor with one set of controls.
Sophisticated Tilt/Tub Emphasis system for dynamic tonal balance.
Tilt the bar instead of boost for easier tonal balance.
Classic and dirty total harmonic distortion (THD).
Models with nickel and iron transformer.
Inaudible 2-way crossover 12 dB/oct.
Adjustable saturation XL.
Spectral analysis and precise input/output metering.
Automatic gain for A/B level comparisons.
Stereo width and mono creator.
Advanced Sidechain option: mixing external and internal audio sources.

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