Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle Effects 2024 for Windows

Get access to all Alliance Plugins for mixing, mastering, virtual instruments, guitar and bass amps, effects, including a sampler with a sample library of over 7,000 samples. We are featuring the best plugins from over 40 professional audio brands, including all the latest music creation tools from leading audio players like Brainworx, SSL, Shadow Hills Industries and AMEK, plus innovators including Unfiltered Audio, ADPTR Audio and Three-Body. With frequent new releases, MEGA is constantly growing.

A collection of analog-modeled plugins like no other

Plugin Alliance is synonymous with bringing that analog studio sound to your DAW, from bespoke boutique color boxes to go-to saturators and, of course, TMT-emulated consoles. Access the entire collection, chosen by the world’s most seasoned veterans including Michael Brower, Howie Weinberg, Andrew Scheps, Dave Pensado, and Craig Bauer.

All the pro compressors

MEGA has every compressor type you need – VCA, Opto, Vari-Mu, Diode Bridge, and Multiband. These include everything from exacting emulations of icons like the Townhouse SSL-style bus compressor to premium studio-grade compressors like the Elysia alpha compressor, SPL IRON, and Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, plus latest-tech innovations like the upward compression on ADPTR’s SCULPT. With MEGA, When it comes to finding the perfect compressor for instruments, vocals, and your mix bus, you always have phenomenal options.

Every EQ type you’ll ever need

From parametric to passive, Pultec-style to graphic, and multiband to dynamic, MEGA gives you access to an incredibly versatile collection of pro-audio EQs.Whether your EQ approach is surgical cuts or minimal but full of analog flavor, there’s something here for you, from faithful emulations of many of the most respected analog EQs of all time to ultra-rare boutique EQs like the Knif Audio Soma and Harris Doyle Natalus, ‘studio EQ heroes like the TOMO Audio Labs Lisa and The Mäag EQ collection, plus cutting-edge modern EQs like the Kirchhoff EQ.

The complete Brainworx legacy of plugins

From bx_masterdesk PRO, the gold standard of mastering plugins, to Future Music’s ‘Plugin of the Decade,’ the bx_digital V3, and the brand new bx_clipper. Access the complete plugin catalog of one of the most revered brands in pro audio, including all their patented TMT emulations of iconic studio gear.

An incredible production library – within reach

Within minutes of joining MEGA, you can start making music with all Plugin Alliance products on up to three devices. The PA installation manager is your gateway to all Plugin Alliance Plugins. Continuously tested and supported by the Plugin Alliance in-house team, MEGA delivers a solid, CPU-optimized, storage-friendly collection that’s reliable and always up to date. Take full advantage of the highest quality and the latest music plugin innovations in one stable and easy-to-use system.

The mixing and mastering toolkit of the pros

From true peak limiters to AB testing and spectral mapping plugins, MEGA gives you all the mixing and mastering reference tools that the pros rely on. Give your tracks the loudness and clarity of your favorite tracks, and ensure your masters translate and sound their absolute best on all major streaming platforms and audio formats.

Cutting-edge spatial audio plugins

Plugin Alliance is as much about pushing the boundaries as it is delivering exacting emulations. MEGA features some of the most innovative plugins in pro audio like our spatial audio plugins from Dear Reality and THX that enhance stereo and surround sound to deliver next-generation audio and 3D soundscapes.

A multitude of effects for sonic innovation

MEGA includes an extensive collection of FX plugins, including reverbs, delays, a vocal tuning suite, vintage tape and lo-fi modulation, rhythmic multi-effects, and more. MEGA gives you all the effects you need for your instruments, vocals, and sonic experimentation.

Hypermodern and vintage analog synths

MEGA has an amazing selection of synths. For futurists, there are plugins like Unfiltered Audio LION dual-oscillator with over 40 built-in effects and the award-winning DS Audio Thorn spectral synthesis plugin. For analog lovers, there’s the TMT emulation of the incredibly rare 26-vacuum tube-driven Knifonium and bx_oberhausen, the World’s 1st TMT synth.

World-renowned amp collections for guitar and bass

Ampeg amps are the gold standard of bass amps, and now you can own the ultimate collection of Ampeg bass amps with their instantly recognizable smooth, tube-driven bass tone. Guitar amp fans are treated to a diverse range of studio legends, including the perfect heavy and clean tones of the Diezel Herbert, the Modern Plexi sounds of the Friedman BE-100 and the Suhr PT100, the harmonically rich, clean, and crunchy tones of the Fuchs Train II, and so many more.

System Requirements

  • Download Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle Effects 2024 VST, VST3, AAX (x64) [06.2024] (R2R)
  • Original Publisher: Plugin Alliance
  • Version: 2024
  • Format: VST, VST3, AAX
  • Category: VST Plugins
  • Require: Windows 10 or later
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 9.27 GB

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