Plugin Alliance NEOLD WUNDERLICH v1.0.0 [R2R] VST/VST3/AAX x64

The epitome of vintage vibes and old school tones,
WUNDERLICH is NEOLD, the creators of U2A and WARBLE, at their best – combining rare analog components
into one-of-a-kind vintage hardware, carefully capturing all of its analog character in a unique color box plugin
that infuses your mixes with vintage lo-fi vibes and textures – not heard since the 1930s.

Plugin Alliance NEOLD WUNDERLICH v1.0.0 [R2R] VSTVST3AAX x64
Plugin Alliance NEOLD WUNDERLICH v1.0.0 [R2R] VSTVST3AAX x64

Vacuum Tube Saturation WUNDERLICH
WUNDERLICH takes its name from the Arcturus lamps that power the equipment.
These ultra-rare blue vacuum tubes were used in professional broadcast equipment in the 1930s.
WUNDERLICH vacuum tubes are valued for their warm, timeless tone. They offer rich, authentic harmonics
that effortlessly combine drive and compression.

Analogue mojo wherever you need it
The sound of WUNDERLICH vacuum tubes is more than the name of a gorgeous colored box.
They add warmth to the preamp stage, making it ideal for bringing vocals to life.
They also help create smooth flavor and musicality in the Vari-Mu compressor, classic EQ and built-in mixer.
These tubes create special interactions between all of these sections that make the whole thing feel incredibly analogue.

A sonic marvel
Whether you’re creating genres pioneered on timeless analog gear like Motown,
adding lo-fi textures and old-school charm to modern styles like rap,
or giving your mixes a boutique polish, great things will happen with WUNDERLICH.

✔️ Features
• Color box with the sound of ultra-rare 1932 WUNDERLICH vacuum tubes.
• WUNDERLICH powered preamp, Vari-Mu compressor, classic EQ and in-line mixing console in one vintage unit.
• Bridge stroke control for instant transition from modern tones to retro vibes.
• The sound of one-of-a-kind analog hardware created specifically for this plugin.

Year | Release date : 03/20/2024
Version : 1.0.0
Developer : Plugin Alliance
Format : VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : Present
System requirements :
☑ Windows 10+
Size : 21.6 MB

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