Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Battalion v1.0.3 VSTi, VST3i, AAX, x64

Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Battalion v1.0.3 VSTi, VST3i, AAX, x64

Battalion gives music producers, drum programmers and performers an unrivaled
set of tools to create unique beats and textures, whether it’s creating solid studio beats in minutes
or tweaking and experimenting to create something completely out of the ordinary, Battalion has all the tools you need.

✔️ Features
Fast and varied beat generation
Create beats with Battalion in three easy ways: create beats in the synth section, use Battalion’s extensive sample library, or process your own samples.
Responsive Rhythm Arrangement
Use the intuitive graphical sequencer to arrange rhythms into compelling combinations. Create patterns from scratch or adapt presets to suit your needs.
Essential and Deep Beat Transformation
Improve and radically change your beats with a variety of essential and unusual synth parameters in the dedicated Tone, Modulation, Envelope and LFO sections.
Beatles for All Genres:
No matter the genre, Battalion has beats for every genre – from driving trap beats to exciting industrial pulses.
Sample and synth beats in one state-of-the-art drum machine
Synth Section
Create compelling tones and timbres from the ground up with a synth section that includes 20 different synth engines. Explore iconic ’80s drum machine sounds, ’00s clicks and cuts, and synth sounds that will transport you to another dimension – all the essential synth sounds needed for drum production.
Battalion’s sample section is a dedicated place for loading, playing and modifying samples, including four sampling modes: Classic, Phase Warp, Cloner and Granular.
Combine Synth and Sample Generators
Move seamlessly between samples and synth generators using the built-in BLEND slider to get the best of both worlds and completely unique combinations.
Command the stage with Performance Mode
Use Battalion’s Performance Mode in your DJ sets or live performances to trigger, loop, and manipulate sounds on the fly and create moments of inspiration with ease.

✔️ Features
BLEND slider for smooth mixing of synthesizer and sampler generators.
20 synth engines with unique controls.
Controls for adjusting the pitch and four parameters specific to each engine.
Multimode filter and nonlinear distortion.
Filter algorithms, including Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass.
Distortion algorithms including Bitcrush, Rate Crush, Wavefold, Phase, Tape and Tube.
Four simple modulation sources to add movement to your drum parameters.
Two Envelope sections.
Two multimode LFOs.
Eight voices with advanced control over how they interact in the mix.
Unfiltered audio effects: SHATTER DELAY and HEADSPACE REVERB.
Channel strip with DELAY, REVERB, PAN, VOICE GAIN.
Execution mode.
3-band equalizer with separate gain controls for LOW, MID and HIGH bands.
CLIPPING MODE selector to control the behavior of the signal during clipping.
22 selectable GUI color themes.

✔️ How to install
1: Install your plugin.
2: Run our keygen.
3: Launch the plugin. Start activation.
4: Click “I’m Offline”.
5: Copy the device ID into the keygen.
6: Generate a license using our keygen.
7.Click “Open License” and import the license.
8: Click “Activate”.

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