Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ v1.1.0 WINMAC SAL, VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64

Following on from the award-winning music theory plugin Scaler, Scaler EQ offers a great new way to EQ with musicality and color.

By boosting only those note frequencies that are in the key of your composition, and reducing only those
that are not, Scaler EQ allows you to take a new approach to working with dips and boosts,
enhancing the tonality of your music and opening up new harmonic possibilities.
If you need a regular, full-featured modern equalizer, Scaler EQ will help you with this,
thanks to the familiar operating scheme, a large selection of band types, work with mid and side frequencies, dynamic bands and a stereo effect.
You can easily apply classic mixing and mastering techniques used by professionals, with an added musical twist.
What can a scaling equalizer be used for?
Music Production
Ideal for musicians and producers who want to enhance the musicality of their compositions by ensuring all instruments are in harmony with the chosen scale.
Audio Editing
Simplify EQ processes by isolating and cleaning frequency bands to remove unwanted sound and enhance the sound naturally present in the selected scale.
Audio Engineering
Dynamically softening sound by suppressing intra-harmonic frequencies or expanding harmonic frequencies using dynamic compression and expansion.
Place on the master channel to expand stereo width, focus bass, and enhance the sound of your mix.
DJs can use it to ensure harmony between tracks being mixed by determining the key and scale when balancing each track’s mix.

Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ v1.1.0 WINMAC SAL, VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64
Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ v1.1.0 WINMAC SAL, VST, VST3, AAX, AU x64

✔️ Features
Patented music equalizer with harmonic bands that enhance key frequencies and reduce off-key frequencies.
Familiar EQ controls allow you to operate as usual, but add more color.
Selectable band type for traditional boost/cut EQ or harmonic EQ.
Magic Shelf bands provide punchier lows and smoother highs.
The key definition sets the target EQ scale.
Dynamics settings for any band (threshold, ratio, attack, release).
Adding or removing notes from the scale to produce a specific color (for example, four note chords or just fifth notes).
Create unique EQ responses by combining magic shelves, harmonic filters, and cuts.
Each band can be configured to work with stereo, mid or side channels.
Enhances stereo width and reduces low frequencies to mono.
Available for Mac and PC in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

✔️ Changelog v1.1.0
• Assignable scale switches – the ability to switch scales when changing keys.
• Adjustable input and output levels with peak and RMS values.
• Peak limiters on input and output.
• Sidechain input for dynamic compressor.
• Closing panels.
• New master limiter presets.
• New sidechain input preset.

✔️ Installation/registration
Open Scaler EQ, click “Register a License File” and upload the “Scaler EQ.license” file.
You will be prompted to enter the licensee’s email address.
Enter “3Up2” as your email address.

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