PotenzaDSP Amigo Sampler v1.0.0 WIN/MAC/LINUX VST3i, AUi x64

PotenzaDSP Amigo Sampler v1.0.0 WINMACLINUX VST3i, AUi x64

An 8-bit Amiga-style sampler plugin with real-time time-stretching and slicing mode,
created in collaboration with Stekker.

✔️ Features
» Amigo Sampler downclocks .wav, .mp3 and .aiff files when loaded to 22khz and 8 bit commodore amiga frequencies for authentic crunch! It even loads samples in .iff, .8svx .raw amiga formats for everyone <3 » Various sampling modes: Chromatic mono, polyphonic, including single note chord mode and Slice mode for triggering different slices by note... » Time stretching modes in real time in AKAI style and fully automated, what more can be said about it

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