Realitone Sunset Strings v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Sunset Strings allows you to seamlessly combine a wide selection of standard and extended articulations to create organic, evolving textures, adding life and musicality to your productions. This library is breathing! Watch the video to see what we mean:
Sunset Strings Walkthrough
Our unique two-layer approach gives you the ability to “create emotion” by transitioning between articulations, while also giving you a range of attacks and releases including slow bends, fast slides, natural crescendos, decrescendos and more. Seriously, this is unlike any strings library you’ve tried before.
The articulations were recorded as an ensemble (5 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos), with the basses (3) recorded separately to provide greater control.
Some articulations, such as “repetitions”, were recorded by the soloists in their seated position in the ensemble, resulting in beautifully detailed natural stereo images.

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