RVC-GUI 2 (v1.2) x64

RVC-GUI 2 (v1.2) x64

A less resource-demanding RVC fork that allows you to separate vocals from the instrumental part not only using the GPU, but also using the CPU.

✔️ Voice models
Download from mail.ru

✔️ Installation
1. Run RVC-GUI 2 v1.2.exe
2. It is advisable not to change the unpacking path, but not critical (the main thing is so that there are no spaces or Cyrillic in the paths (folder names). Changing the unpacking path will result in a non-working shortcut on the desktop!

RVC-GUI 2 (v1.2) x64
RVC-GUI 2 (v1.2) x64

✔️ Additional information
1. CMD\Python is used to run the package.
2. Installation of Python is not required because it is already pre-installed in the package.
4. The process of actions and the status of their execution can be traced through the minimized command window.
5. The first launch takes quite a long time.
6. Only one instance of such packages is allowed to run at a time.
7. When finished, don’t forget to close the command window!

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