Slate + Ash – SPECTRES

SPECTRES dives into the elusive realm of radically advanced techniques. Sonic illusions and spectral visions are revealed in the hidden nuances of experimental recordings and collaged loops, revealing a mesmerizing spectrum of noise and color.

Created by experimental composer and performer Lea Bertucci, SPECTRES features an extensive catalog of advanced solo techniques performed by New York’s leading experimental instrumentalists.

Along with over 650 key phrases from fifteen players, it provides over 500 specially designed sound textures, atmospheres, and tones created in our all-new COLLAGE engine. This advanced sample looping environment allows source samples to be fully explored and reimagined.

Featuring performances from the likes of award-winning flutist and musical pioneer Claire Chase, harpist and Björk collaborator Zeena Parkins, and renowned percussionist Sarah Hennies, SPECTRES finds fresh angles for experimental music. Recordings were captured by cult engineer Randall Dunn — famous for his work with the likes of Tim Hecker, Sunn O))), and the late Jóhann Jóhannsson — at his Brooklyn-based temple of recording Circular Ruin Studio.

Across the thirteen instruments are tonal, atonal, and non-pitched sounds. From the 50 Hz subharmonic of a contrabass clarinet to the clicks and creaks of its valves, every “imperfect” nuance is emphasized through precision microphone placement, becoming idiosyncratic sonic material in its own right.

System Requirements

  • Download Slate + Ash – SPECTRES (KONTAKT)
  • Original Publisher: Slate + Ash
  • Category: Kontakt Library, Sound Libraries
  • Require: KONTAKT (7.7+)
  • License type: Full
  • Download Size: 11.84 GB

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