Sonible smart:EQ 4 v1.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

smart:EQ 4 uses artificial intelligence to correct spectral problems and achieve tonal balance.
This EQ lets you approach your project from a mix perspective:
Intelligent cross-channel processing provides hierarchical control over multiple tracks
and allows drag-and-drop spectral mixing.

✔️ Features
Mindful of Mix Context – Effortless
Unlike conventional equalizers that don’t take mix context into account during processing, smart:EQ 4 makes it easy to take control of multi-track unmasking processes and perform spectral mixing by simply dragging and dropping up to 10 tracks. This allows you to prioritize each smart:EQ filter, pushing some elements to the front of the soundstage, keeping some in the middle, and some moving to the background. Switching between instances is a thing of the past with this innovative tool – any instance in the same group can be controlled remotely from any other instance.
AI-powered equalization for instant spectral balance
The centerpiece of smart:EQ 4 is the smart:filter – it automatically balances the signal based on the target profile you choose for your tracks. The smart:filter in each equalizer instance is equipped with a number of functions that allow you to customize the AI ​​processing to your liking. Open the smart:filter widget to configure the Smoothing option for softer filtering, and enable the Adaptive option to smooth out highly dynamic signals. You can split the green smart:filter weighting curve and set a specific frequency range to determine where the smart algorithms should operate.
Profiles for instruments, vocals and entire mixes
With each generation of smart:EQ, the range of available profiles has expanded. smart:EQ 4 has profiles for instruments and vocals that can be used on individual tracks or across entire pads. To give your mix the final spectral polish, use one of the genre profiles. If you’re chasing a specific sound, load a reference track to create a custom profile and ask smart:EQ 4 to emulate its spectral character and balance on your channel or bus. Due to popular demand from users, you can now even specify the maximum training time that smart:EQ 4 should use to analyze the input signal.
All the features you need for expert setup
smart:EQ 4 is a versatile equalizer that has all the features you’d expect from a professional-grade equalizer. In addition to the smart:filter, the standard smart:EQ 4 equalizer bands have dynamic behavior and offer a dynamic filter widget with familiar compressor-like controls. These standard EQ bands can be used in conjunction with or instead of the main smart:filter bands in any instance of smart:EQ 4. There’s also an automatic gain function to compensate for level changes, comprehensive mid-range processing, and an analyzer function that shows not only the track but and all instances that are in the same group.

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