Steven Shaeffer Abstract (WAV)

Steven Shaeffer Abstract (WAV)

250 custom “One Shot” WAV files that streamline your workflow, use less of your computer’s processing power, match your creativity, and speed up your workload with access to carefully curated sounds created with expensive analog hardware, such as

Steven Shaeffer Abstract (WAV)
Steven Shaeffer Abstract (WAV)

• Prophet Rev2

• Woodwind Flutes

• Kohler & Campbell Piano

• Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

• Epiphone Electric Guitar.

• And tons of $$$ expensive plugins

It would cost thousands of dollars to achieve the sounds included in this kit. Instead, you can achieve the same sound that your favorite producers use. Using analog gear and real instruments, Steven has created a unique experience that can take your loops/samples to the next level.

All One-Shots are set to C on Piano Roll for instant drag creation
• 20 Bonus Samples

• 31 Accents

• 21 Basses

• 28 Bells/Keys

• 9 Drum/Percussion Loops

• 8 Woodwinds

• 15 Mallets

• 34 Synths

• 13 Strings

• 17 Pads

• 12 Guitars

• 14Textures

• 18 Vocals

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