THX & Plugin Alliance Spatial Creator v1.0.1 VST3, AAX x64

THX Spatial Creator allows you to binauralize elements in your mix and place them in a 3D immersive audio space.

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Immersive audio, sometimes called spatial audio, aims to create a three-dimensional sound environment that envelops listeners from all angles—front, side, back, above, and below. Techniques commonly used to create an immersive experience include object-based audio, binaural audio, and ambisonics. Unlike traditional surround sound, spatial audio allows for more dynamic and precise placement of sound sources. The headphones can also play immersive audio mixes, so the possibilities aren’t limited to surround sound systems.

The THX Spatial Creator plugin allows you to binarize elements of your mix and place them in a 3D immersive audio space. This unique approach to immersive audio is what THX calls THX Spatial Audio, which makes listeners’ ears hear the sounds around them when using headphones. The plugin uses the “neutral” head-related transfer function (HRTF) developed by THX, which aims to provide the best immersive sound possible for as many listeners as possible.

Instead of automatically panning the hi-hats from left to right, you can make them circle around the listener’s head. Alternatively, you can make the tom sound fly past the listener’s ears. Apply THX Spatial Creator to tracks you want to turn into spatial elements while leaving the rest of your stereo mix untouched.

THX Spatial Creator also allows you to create fully immersive audio mixes. You can apply it to every track in your session and arrange each element in an immersive space. Depending on how you set up your arrangement, this approach to mixing can give listeners the feeling of being in a specific environment, such as the crowd at a live concert or the orchestra pit.

THX Spatial Creator uses a variety of techniques to create immersive sound, one of which is high-quality 360-degree reverb. It surrounds the listener, providing a more authentic sense of space than traditional stereo reverbs, adding depth and realism to your audio mixes. If you’re looking for a subtle way to integrate spatial audio into your music, add THX Spatial Creator to an additional track and use it as a global reverb to add an extra layer of dimension.

If you want your music to be as searchable as possible, it’s important to upload your tracks to all major streaming services, which often have certain format restrictions. THX Spatial Creator solves this problem by encoding spatial audio elements into a stereo file, ensuring your tracks are compatible across all platforms. This allows you to bypass format limitations and make your immersive audio mixes available on any streaming service.

Improve the dialogue and sound effects in your podcasts or YouTube videos to make them more engaging and less boring for listeners. This can potentially increase the amount of time people spend viewing your content. Using spatial audio can also set you apart from other creators, offering a unique experience that can turn newbies into devoted fans.

THX Spatial Creator allows you to create spatial audio mixes that your listeners can listen to through regular headphones. Many existing spatial audio systems require expensive proprietary hardware on both your end and the listener’s end, making immersive mixes virtually unaffordable. With THX Spatial Creator, your spatial audio mixes will play across all stereo systems and provide enhanced spatial audio for headphone listeners.

Say goodbye to cumbersome spatial audio systems that require you to implement a new mixing workflow. THX Spatial Creator can be inserted into any audio or MIDI track on your digital audio workstation. It integrates with your existing production process, making creating spatial audio mixes easier than ever.

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