Toontrack Movie Scores Fantasy EZkeys MIDI (Win/MacOS)

Overview of Movie Scores Fantasy EZkeys

Fearless journeys to the ends of the earth, intergalactic exploration of the unknown voids of space, encounters with mythical creatures and everything in between and beyond – the fantasy film genre is as limitless as its name suggests. When it comes to music, it must inevitably be able to evoke all aspects of our sensory spectrum – from the chilling and devastatingly exciting to the magical, uplifting and euphorically triumphant.

Features of Movie Scores Fantasy EZkeys

  • Transformative motifs that transport you to realms of adventure and enchantment.
  • Complex rhythms that set the stage for grand storytelling and epic musical journeys.
  • Versatile compositions that serve as springboards for your creative exploration.
  • Themes that capture the chilling excitement and euphoric triumph of fantasy worlds.
  • Musical narratives brimming with magic, wonder, and otherworldly charm.
  • Perfect for crafting majestic soundtracks, immersive storytelling, and inspiring melodies.
  • A treasure trove of musical inspiration to fuel your creative endeavors and elevate your compositions to new heights.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Developer: Toontrack
  • Format: MIDI
  • Download Size: 19.1 MB

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