UVI Key Suite Acoustic delivers powerful, dynamic, sometimes distinctive – and always captivating – sounds from 20 acoustic keyboard instruments, including grand pianos, uprights, plucked strings and metallophones. Key Suite Acoustic is a one-stop shop for acoustic keys that offers you a full palette of acoustic keyboard colors – from precision modern grandees to stylish parlor stands and early classic pianos.

As a result of UVI’s more than twenty years of experience in sample-based instrument development, the company created Key Suite Acoustic to provide a banquet of deeply sampled, meticulously recorded instruments with the level of sound quality and control you would expect to find from a professional. sound recording studio.

Features of UVI Key Suite Acoustic

  • Acoustic virtual instrument features UVI Key Suite:
  • Your library of acoustic keyboards on a desert island
  • Full palette of acoustic keyboard colors
  • 20 carefully selected and carefully recorded instruments
  • Includes grand pianos, uprights, plucked strings and metallophones.
  • Multiple microphone signals, customizable envelopes, filters and effects

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Publisher : UVI
  • Format : SOUNDBANK
  • Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
  • For VSTi (or sampler) : UVI Falcon
  • Size : 12.12 GB

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