Zynaptiq MORPH 3 PRO v3.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

MORPH 3 PRO is a major update to the classic MORPH 2 that further expands its audio range by adding new algorithms, a patented real-time audio character module, file playback, transient bypass, a redesigned and scalable user interface and much more. , much more.
MORPH can be heard in blockbusters and feature films, AAA+ games and modern music. MORPH takes two input sounds and creates a new, hybrid sound that has the characteristics of both and can transition seamlessly from one to the other. Voices of unusual creatures, alien devices, futuristic atmosphere, new unique instruments – whatever you call it, MORPH will help you.

✔️ Attention: the plugin is VERY demanding on processor resources!

✔️ Features
What’s new in MORPH 3 PRO:

6 new morphing algorithms: INTERWEAVE V3, IMPRINT SMOOTH, IMPRINT CRYSTAL, ENHARMONIC, FUSION (PRO only) and SONANCE (PRO only). Of course, the entire set of algorithms from V2 is also included, for a total of 11 algorithms.

New MODELER module that provides style transfer based on particle/granules synthesis, as well as direct file playback. MORPH 3 PRO includes a multi-zone mapping editor and additional analysis functions for advanced MODELER control.

Improved FORMANT SHIFTER with a range of ±24 semitones; The v2 formant shift algorithm can be enabled for v2 algorithms to produce the exact same v2 sound using the prefs setting.

New TRANSIENT BYPASS module, which can significantly improve morphing results. Transients are taken from the A and B morph inputs and added back, and their combination is adjusted by the morph X/Y control. Transients can be boosted and the formant shifter can be bypassed for improved sound clarity. MORPH 3 PRO has an additional DETAIL mode for TRANSIENT BYPASS.

Additional internal double precision processing – internal processing can be switched to 64 bits.

New soft-knee output limiter.

Redesigned, scalable user interface with interactive signal flow diagram, built using vector graphics for clear images when scaled, with up to 200% scaling for 4k and larger displays.

Lowcut/Highcut filters for all four mixer channels (PRO only).

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